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Sielaff SU-2020 Outdoor Version

The Sielaff SU-2020 Outdoor Version is a free-standing vending machine which is available:

To buy:

To rent:

As free-on-loan:


These are the standard features of the FS 2020 SO and the SÜ 2020 SO Outdoor Vending Machines:

Roof (dome-shaped as an optional extra)
Wet weather protection
Rear panel (can be used for advertising)
Stainless steel operator panel
Coin insert slide and change drum
Secure electrical connection
Locking lever protection including KESO lock
Break-in protection frame with side lock
Stainless steel kick plate
High performance cooling
High security glass with sunlight filter,
to prevent products melting in hot weather
Heater (to prevent products freezing in cold weather)
The machines are officially certified for outdoor use by the LGA (Official Trading Office) in Bavaria.

Technical Information

Dimensions (mm): 1860 x 1055 x 1029
Weight -kg


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