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Sielaff CIS-500 IS Sielissimo Instant

The Sielaff CIS-500 IS Sielissimo Instant is a free-standing vending machine which is available:

To buy:

To rent:

As free-on-loan:


For any site where a robust machine is required!

This Instant version provides you with multiple delicacies. It is attractively designed and impresses with its reliability, easy handling and service-friendliness. The delicious hot drink is dispensed quickly and easily at the touch of a button. Up to 8 different product containers and maximum 5 mixers provide the right mixture and a variety of selections.

With the Cool-Option the parallel vending of hot and cold beverages is possible, which ensures that the machine offers the right drink for each season of the year. Two separate water systems make it possible to switch between hot and cold drinks without any problem. A continuous-flow chiller unit constantly provides fresh cold water and thus it is not necessary to store water. The cold water circulation system ensures that the temperature of the dispensed product ranges from 8°C to 10°C.

CIS – The Concept: Sielaff’s first hot drinks machine, the CIS 500, complements the existing vending machine range and, in particular, the concept of banks of Sielegance vending machines. It is MODULAR in two different ways:
All the proven Sielaff features are also built into the CIS 500
Additionally, the CIS 500 has some exclusive modular features, which make it highly versatile: The combination of different canister widths allows total flexibility in the number of mixing bowls installed, thereby personalising the selection of drinks available.

The CIS 500 offers a wide range of hot beverages: Great-tasting quality black and white coffees, speciality coffees, as well as trend setting hot drinks. Its strength lies in its ability to adapt to the needs of individual customers and to site requirements.

The machine is available both in stylish Sielegance design and in the CIS 500 EC version with numerous safety features(see separate listing).

Operator panel:
Illuminated, bowed advertising panel, can be easily changed
Back-lit, multi-product display with IR-Interface
POS window for advertising, which can lternatively be used for cashless payment systems
All user features are wheelchair accessible

Vending Machine Controller:
VMC-board with flash EPROM
Software upload without data loss
Selection programmings available for up to 14 drinks (direct selection, pre-selection, individual mix)
Drink names can be editted
Cup volume easy to change at constant taste
Auto-clean hygiene cycle
Short program for cleaning, statistics, cup dispense
SIELECTOR for programming by PC based on Windows (additional cable charged extra)
Construction protected against short-circuiting

Credit System:
Fitted with MDB interface as standard (BDV or Executive also available); optional preparation or installation of cashless payment systems.

The CIS 500 offers a wide range of hot drinks. The 14 freely-programmable selection buttons can offer the following options:

Beverage strength
Extra sugar
Extra whitener
Small/large portion

Coffee + Sugar
Coffee + Whitener
Coffee + Sugar + Whitener
Expresso + Sugar
Cappuccino + Sugar
Cappuccino Special (freemix)
Cappuccino Choco
Mocca Choco
Café au lait
Café au lait + Sugar
Chocolate Crème
Hot water optional

Technical Information

Dimensions (mm): 1830 x 700 x 770
Weight 190kg


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